linguistics, computers, and puns

linguistics, computers, and puns

My name is Tim, but I go by penryu just about everywhere.

I'm fascinated by languages, both formal and informal, programming and human. I'm even more interested in the intersection of the two. I write about the aspects I find interesting.

I started programming BASIC and x86 assembly, expanded into C++ and Java. Taught Perl for a while. Now I work primarily on Linux and Rust, adhering to functional programming principles and, if possible, functional languages themselves.

I also discovered a love for natural languages. I spent a number of years studying Spanish, and some time more recently learning just enough Swedish to get into trouble. Still, the various ways multiple cultures have found to express and convey the same ideas and sentiments is a uniquely fascinating, challenging, and rewarding study.

I work in software and my public hobbies can be found on GitHub. I holiday in philology and etymology. I collect Final Fantasy games. I muse about tech and life on Mastodon.